The Parents 1st team have created a framework for designing a volunteer initiative which takes into account the evidence of what works.

Based on implementation science, it provides a valid method of designing, implementing and adapting an effective volunteering initiative that fits with the local context in order to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.

At Parents 1st we are experienced in providing a range of support to practitioners, managers, funders and a range of other stakeholders – remote or face to face.

More recently we have been working alongside Housing Providers who are looking to develop peer support approaches for their family tenants, taking them through the different stages step-by-step, and in local areas, supporting local Maternity Voice Partnerships for example with ways to recruit and retain volunteers.

We also deliver a core training offer, in a range of contexts, tailored to suit you. Call us for a free and no obligations initial conversation to find out how we can best help you.

Volunteer Peer Support Programme Development Package

This series of workshops offers a combination of action learning, facilitated workshops, and remote support across a 9 month – 1 year period. There are different entry points depending on each area or partnership requirements:

  • Entry Point 1 – at the very beginning of the process, from starting to shape a volunteer programme
  • Entry Point 2 – adapting an existing volunteer programme for local delivery
  • Entry Point 3 – at the planning to implement stage

Parents 1st will discuss your needs individually to identify your entry point and plan a programme that fits with your context.

Vision, goals and context – what we need and why

This initial workshop is designed to help you to get ready for designing a peer support programme.

Designing, setting up and delivering your programme

This process looks at all the stages of design, setting up and delivery of a volunteer programme.

Reviewing and improving your programme

Things don’t stay the same! It’s a constant process of review and adaptation.

Other Workshops

We also offer a range of individual workshops to ensure high quality sustainable programmes that are embedded in local areas. These can be booked alongside our complete package or individually.

Attracting funding for your programme

This is a smaller stakeholder meeting to debrief and agree a fundraising strategy with associated actions led/supported by a Parents 1st fundraising specialist.

Investing in staff development skills

This workshop is particularly suited for volunteer coordinators, development workers and trainers; and professionals who are working in partnership with the programme.

Engaging partners in the value of volunteering in pregnancy, birth and beyond

The Parents 1st team can provide support to engage partner organisations in the value of peer support.

Volunteering as part of local maternity and Healthy Child Programme strategies

This workshop is suitable for Commissioners, Transformation Leads and Heads of Service.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more or to simply have a chat about your ideas – we’d love to hear from you!

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