Vision, goals and context – understanding what we need and why

This initial workshop is designed to help you get ready for designing a volunteering peer support programme. The 2 stage process will help you to understand your vision and goals within the context of your local community and whether a peer support programme is right for you and your local area.

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Step 1: Doing the ground work

Step 1 is a 2-hour (face to face or remote) meeting with up to 3-5 stakeholders to develop your ideas and think about how to implement peer support locally.

What is your vision? What are your goals? What is happening already?

We will seek to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the local context, vision and goals for a peer support programme
  • Understand the outcomes you are trying to achieve and if peer support can achieve those, what would it look like?
  • Set out the methodology for implementing, delivering and sustaining a peer support initiative and answer questions
  • Start to plan the workshop (Step 2 – Building the foundations)

What’s included?

  • Parents 1st expertise
  • Meeting preparation and facilitation
  • A summary document of the findings
  • Plan for next steps

Step 2: Building the foundations

In step 2 we will explore the local vision, goals and context together, with a wider group of partners, identify key actions and agree the next steps for your peer support initiative.

This is a full day workshop with a bigger groups of stakeholders (up to 40), representing all the parts of your maternity and early years community.

We will explore:

  • Evidence of what is needed in the local area
  • What exists/is happening locally to support the delivery of a peer support initiative
  • What help you might need or challenges to overcome
  • Gain common agreement on shared outcomes, what will be delivered and by whom
  • What it will take to get there

What’s included?

  • Experienced facilitator and early years peer support expert (subject to individual requirements)
  • Workshop preparation and facilitation
  • A summary document of your proposals for your peer support initiative
Next step

Designing, setting up and delivering your programme

This process looks at all the stages of design, setting up and delivery of a volunteer programme.

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